Heaven order and fires of worlds :


Life of world and peoples is in a big danger.

Hell and smoke eat the fields , the houses in this Winter

To save them, marry me yesterday before an hour.

Kiss me to make life of all creatures sugar.

Dance for me to double the water of the Nile River.

For millions years, sleep under me to make Egypt richer.

Our marriage is not a request but Heaven order.

Our smiles and love have no end . this is our nature.

Our Golden bed is made in Japan for you to fight
Pillow fighter.
Your eyes dig in my heart and the world an endless Love Ocean .

With our kids you add colors to your joy and yourself
with me in Ukraine. .

Look deep inside my soul to get truth my fresh young queen.
You will see the waves of flames of adoring in my

The American Satellites send NASA millions videos.

That shows miracles love in my soft and holy systems.
The first miracle is the blue blood runs from me to you.

Your great beauty is from City of Mansoura the

international beauty tree.

So it is so important to Egypt that you love and marry me.

I am the best kisser of the world and I need your legs

I am so thirsty to kiss your very sexy body and lips.

I am the water to the fire between your white and red
Abdellatif Ahmed Fouad