The emotional enmity.

The international ,historic and endless enmity :

We delete each other from our hearts five million times


No problem, I deal with you as a butterfly politely.

As I am king of kindness and made from natural beauty.

I am one in billion who is very kind and polite .

I can't imagine our happy future after this long pain and

historic fight.

Our enmity made the United Nations can't know who is

wrong and who is right ?

Queen of pretty spinsters, the sadness of your love

covers the sky and the seas.

The happy seconds of your love are yellow weak trees

The centuries of your love torture made the people lose

their eyes.

This is not love , this is a small hell destroys the hearts

and gardens.

You are the only hell maker to the Capitals and


My poems are the Paradise to the international lovers.

You need me , my hugs and care .

I am not going to knock on your country door.

May be you meet me with a knife as before.

I am wooden farmer and poverty is my close friend.

You need a rick famous man and he is easy to find.

I will put the head of my heart under my iron feet as

Shakespeare said .

No right , no engagement , no friendship and no thing

even a word.


This is money world and the poor must meet his death.

But I became a bird and I leave your ugly world to forests.

Where I sing to the flowers and the trees.

You will blame your mind on his great crime.

You will be face to face with loneliness in your youth


Thanks so much for reading my sad long poem.

May it will travel to Washington , London and Rome.


This is the fate that fights me since I was baby.

This sun and the hard work that burn my small body.

I order you to marry another man and be ready.

To forget me but you don't remember me since a century.

I have no right to say your beautiful name .

I can only live with the cattle in my small farm.

I think they are so mind and live for your fame.

I may go to work in village of North Sinai or city of



Where there are no human kind nor love flame.

Where I search for happiness drop to drink before death

can come.

Where I meet my Uncle who passed away in War with



I will be so happy if you marry the person you love.

May be he can give you what I fail to give.

You will be queen of happiness and for fun and joy live.

You will be Hollywood and Cairo beautiful dove.


And to Palace in the new capital , you will move.

I will send email to the angels from my cave.

All I have is a great love and big heart but not enough.

All I have is a great love and big heart but not enough.

Written by Abdellatif Ahmed Fouad.

November 13,2018