Cocktail of Paradise fruit.

The cocktail of Paradise fruit.. :
المصنوعة من فواكهة الجنة

Alia, you are the sweetest and the youngest star .

That lights our hearts and is drawn on the world door.

You are the peoples and angels fresh air.


You are the most beautiful clam sun .

That warms my body since I was ten.

You are the headlines of the press of USA and great Britain.


You are the first founder of the eternal fun.

Alia is the happiness endless rain.

that put an end to sadness in city of Mansoura, Sharga and Agman.


You are made of cocktail of Paradise fruit.

And I am the strongest poet.

Your eyes are the seas of my life before the birth of the Christ.


Your plays are the joy of the flowers spirits

Your eyelashes are the umbrellas of the Arabs.

And I am the king of poets of worlds.


Written by Abdellatif Ahmed Fouad.

October 25,2018