The saddest Valentine.

The Egyptian saddest Valentine of the History:

Our Valentine became a big and endless condolence.

Because of two million reasons.

The first is the death of her great father.

The last is the first death of her lover.

The smile hates our Egyptian lips.

Happiness escaped from the rooms of our hearts.

The sun fights the sky of Egypt and our lungs

The passion became ice mountains in our arteries.


Sadness occupied our hearts since the birth of the sun.

The rain of love pain does not stop even in June.

The producers of films stopped making films since this sad Valentine.

The ladies of the world refuse to give birth to any children.

The governments and the kings of Education day and night drink wine.

The stars of Hollywood and the queens are sad and drink Rivers of wine.

The flowers of Paradise are lost in the streets and drink wine.

The lions and the elephants drink wine.

All of them want to make us happy as much as they can.


The fish and the whales drink wine to forget my sad poems

The Romans and the ancient Egyptians drink wine to forget sad events.

Shakespeare and Obama talked sadly about the father of the worlds

The creatures live sadly under the ice of the River Rhine.

All of them want to make us happy as much as they can.


The happy peoples are made from modern sadness

My sad fresh flower, your smile will grow so soon.

As I need your smile since my existence in the stomach of the kindest woman.

As life needs your books since the prophet Abraham and his son.

Since the sixteenth leader of USA Abraham Lincoln.

Spring and roses need your real smile like the air and the rain.

The desert of Egypt ,the land of the hearts and the holly love mountain.

The earth needs your miracles more than the sun and the moon.

My chest needs your smile as my secret and my skin.

My arteries and my poems need you to be the greatest Napoleon.

Written by Abdellatif Ahmed Fouad.
February 14,208