The sweetest Egyptian writer

The Egyptian and international Author:Yasmin Farrag.
That is my sweet poem to the beautiful capitals of my world.
It is about a healthy book can speak any language on any land.
The first page of this book caused love war between
Canada and Chad.
The new book can change the sand into diamond.
It is the most important book that the Universities had.
The folklore songs book is the best book the cities had.
The book of Yasmin is the most wonderful book the Noble prize had.
If you do not read it you will be ill and you will become mad.
The hearts book is full miracles and make the Europe glad.
The book of my queen makes the birds and the ancient cultures glad.
Her fourth book , by Shakespeare and the workers was read .
Your happy book by Buskin and Putin was read.
The international book by children of France was understood.
Our fourth book is fruits of the babies of Switzerland.
Written by Abdellatif Ahmed Fouad.