The Egyptian Ian kisser

My Egyptian kisses :


On the top of the pyramids I kiss the ladies of the worlds.

The cameramen of Facebook and Twitter record the great events.

The ladies of USA , France Europe and Asia stand up in queues.

My lips meet their lips and they became prim ministers

My normal Egptian kisses give another life to the nice

ladies of the Universe.

My Egyptian kisses are the dreams of the ladies of the


The first kiss makes the ladies butterflies and fly

under the stars.


The lips of the ladies became red without make up..

My amazig hugs make them eat from love table.

my soft hands make them drink from fun cup.


My second kiss make US ladies swim in happiness sea.

Next to the pyramids ,my kiss waters a very tall

love tree .

And I feed the actress , the Queens and princesses love



Written by Abdellatif Ahmed Fouad.

November 27,2017