The black Friday

The black Friday became white:


Egypt, my beautiful country is so sweet, strong and great

Before the birth of the human being our flowers fight.

Our land fights and I fight the crimes of the ugly terrorist

The terrorists in North Sinai try to kill me but in vain.

They try to kill my letters but in vain.

They do their best to kill my songs but in vain.

The roots of terrorism come from the secret police of the


The trees of terrorism tree are green in Qatar, the


And the secret mind is the Israeli government.


On the back Friday during praying, the killers killed the

three hundred.

The streets became red , the trees are red .

The waves of the sea became red .


My poems are so red as they written by my blood.

Cups of love are broken by the false blevier hand.

Seas of happiness are murdered by the help of the West


Written by Abdellatif Ahmed Fouad.

November 25,2017