IHH Team in Somalia 27 July


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Daily 1600 people from Somalia come to Dadaab refugee camp to survive. People walk approximately 400-500 km to reach Kenyan border where the camp is located. Another refugee camp Dolo Ado in Ethiopia also one of the places where hundreds of people take refuge to be rescued. Around 11 million people need immediate help to survive. The worst drought of the last 60 years hits the children most. According to the UN, the number of daily infant deaths is 100 in the Horn of Africa.
IHH sent the first aid team to Kenya to reach the Somalian refugees. The team distributed 2500 kg baby biscuits, 3000 packages of milk, and provision for 280 families in Dadaab camp where 480 thousand people are living. Another IHH team distributed nutrition for 45.000 people (6000 families) in Somalian capital Mogadishu.
IHH set up a crisis management center in Mogadishu. IHH also start for the preparations to provide medical support for children by bringing the pediatricians to the region.
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: IHH Team in Somalia 27 July

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